CA-200F Corneal Analyser

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  • Fluorometry
  • Pupillometry
  • Zernike analysis
  • Contact lens fitting simulation
  • IOL calculation
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Easy operation
  • Automated best image selection
  • Automated pupil recognition
  • Touch screen
  • Onboard software
  • WiFi connection

CA-200F Corneal Analyser


The Topcon CA-200F Corneal Analyser is an easy-to-use solution for the evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. In addition to elevation mapping, the CA-200F provides comprehensive software features, allowing for a complete analysis of the patient's cornea. The Topcon CA-200F provides fluorescein images and real time fluorescein films for contact lens fitting as well.

Precise corneal topography
The CA-200F is a placido-based topography system that delivers accurate, high resolution images of the anterior corneal surface. The 24 placido rings measure over 10,000 data points resulting in an axial resolution of 3 microns.

The Topcon CA-200F offers the eye care practitioner to capture real time fluorescein images of a contact lens on the cornea. The operator can carry out a complete contact lens fitting by using one single instrument. The Topcon CA-200F incorporates 8 Blue LED's for fluorescein images and films.

The CA-200F incorporated dynamic, scotopic, mesopic and photopic pupillometry. The CA-200F produces comprehensive graphs of pupillometry, such as decentralisation maps, latency maps and statistics map

Zernike analysis
This feature provides information in the optical properties of the cornea. The Zernike analysis provides a clear view on the optical deficiencies which can disturb vision. Based on this information the CA-200F software provides the visual acuity summary. Zernike analysis is the basis for the calculation of the ablation area for laser treatment.

IOL calculation
The Topcon CA-200F incorporates an application for toric IOL calculation. In close cooperation with Oculentis, Topcon has created an onboard application for calculation for LENTIS Tplus, toric IOL. With this on application you can determine the right toric IOL for your patient easily..


  • Keratoscope cone 24 rings equally spaced on a 43D sphere
    Analyzed points Over 100.000
    Measured points Over 10.000
    Corneal coverage From 3.0 (minimal diameter on a sphere of 43D) up to 10.5 mm on a normal eye
    Diopter power range From 1D to over 120D
    Resolution ± 0.01D, 1 micron
    Accuracy/Precision Axial radius ± 0.03 mm altimetric data ± 2µm at 4 mm
    Capture system Auto-capture
    Output port USB
    Working Environment  
    Temperature 10-40˚C
    Relative humidity 30-75% (no dewing)
    Atmospheric pressure 700-1060 hPa
    Temperature 10-40˚C
    Relative humidity 30-75% (no dewing)
    Atmospheric pressure 700-1060 hPa
    Electric Specifications  
    Power supply AC 100-240V 47-63 Hz
    Power consumption <100 VA


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