OM-4, Ophthalmometer

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  • Precise measurement of the corneal radius of curvature and the radius of curvature of contact lenses
  • Internal scale reading system with extended measurement range
  • Simultaneous measuring of principal meridians reduces measuring time
  • Speedy, one-position measurement

OM-4, Ophthalmometer


The Topcon OM-4 ophthalmometer (Sutcliff Type) is a compactly designed and easy to use instrument providing precise objective measurements of the corneal radius of curvature plus accurate measurements of the radius of curvature of contact lenses.


  • Type Sutcliff type
    Corneal radius of curvature 5.5 to 12 mm
    Minimum reading 0.01 mm
    Corneal refractive power 28.00 to 60.00 dptr.
    Minimum reading 0.125 dptr.
    Axis of corneal astigmatism 0 to 180˚
    Minimum reading
    Diopter adjusting scale 0 to ± 5 dptr.
    Primary AC 100V, 120 V, 220 V and 240 V, with built-in transformer 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption 30 W
    Dimensions 560 mm wide x 580 mm high x 460 mm deep
    Weight 16 kgs.


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