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ALE-5100, High Speed lens edgers

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  • Easy operation through large colour LCD monitor
  • High Speed: 30% faster
  • Fast and accurate edging of all lens materials
  • Several special edging modes for delicate lens materials
  • Job memory expanded upo to 2000 jobs

ALE-5100, High Speed lens edgers


The Topcon ALE-5100 high speed lens edger is an excellent choice in cutting-edge technology for fast, high-precision accuracy and unmatched quality finished lenses. The ALE-5100 is 30% faster compared to the previous model.

Superior Versatility
The Topcon ALE-5100 Series processes all materials with individual settings for plastic, polycarbonate, high-index, Trivex, acrylic, glass, photochromic glass and thinner hyperhigh index lenses. To minimize obsolescence, the WINDOWS®-format operating system allows us to incorporate processing of future lens materials by simple ROM upgrades. The on-board software memorizes sizing and bevel position parameters for individual materials. The one-block solution accommodates all frame eye sizes, base curves and even the most hydrophobic lens coatings. The Topcon ALE-5100 lens edger has addressed all the everyday challenges in the finishing lab. It allows for flawless and efficient operation of your staff and provides the ultimate finished product.

Precise Edging Control
The technologically advanced control system enables precise final fitting. The ALE-5100 lens edger Series automatically determines the ultimate bevel position no matter what lens power is being edged. The 3-D tracing is incorporated in the edger's calculation for bevel position at the thinnest and thickest edge portion of the lens and it is displayed on the color screen for precise confirmation of the bevel position.

Job Memory
As a standard feature, the ALE-5100 Series can store up to 2000 jobs through the Function Keys. An optional bar-code reader is also available.

Grooving, Safety Beveling, Safety Bevel with Polish
The ALE-5100SG has a unique multi-functional arm that provides accurate and precise grooving and safety beveling. The full range  of controls provides selectable width and groove positioning and adjustable safety bevel settings. Even an inexperienced operator can achieve optimum results with the ALE-5100SG.

Applicable for higher base-curve frames
All the ALE-5100 series edgers have an edging mode that can be used for higher base-curve frames. In addition, the Topcon ALE-5100HC has a mini wheel for high-quality edging to fit lenses perfectly even with those high wrap frames.

FR-5000, Frame Reader featuring high base-curve frame tracing
The ultimate combination of theTopcon FR-5000 with swing function and the ALE-5100HC with mini wheel makes it possible and easier to complete higher base-curve frame tracing and edging. The FR-5000 stylus varies tracing speed depending on type and/or shape of frames that provides more precise trace data. Revolutionary advanced swing  unction is newly applied on the FR-5000 for measuring higher base-curve frames. Conventionally, to trace a high base-curve frame, it was necessary to hold the frame by hand. Now the FR-5000 enables fully hands free tracing by utilizing automated swing function that moves quickly to accurately trace any type of modern design frames.

FR-50, Framer Reader featuring high base-curve frame tracing
The Topcon FR-50 Frame Reader is a basic 3D tracing system which can read up to 1,000 points of reference per lens rim, providing high precision and accuracy. Its stand alone configuration makes the FR-series ideal for use as an integral part of a remote tracing system. Pattern holding device allows for virtually automatic measurement of pattern and rimless lenses.

DS-5000, integrated blocker
The Topcon DS-5000 accepts the inputted PD and height settings from the ALE-5100 and instantly displays the correct lens blocking position. The block is placed on the geometrical center of the lens for good position and perfect edging.

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